M/G Transport Services LLC was started in 1968 when the Midland Company saw an opportunity in the towing industry and purchased Point Towing.

After years of refining the business model and constantly updating equipment, M/G Transport Services LLC is still operating today with plans well into the future.

Our business philosophy is quite simple:

bullet Good/solid equipment for your shipping needs.
bullet Quality one on one personalized customer service.
bullet Affordable rates.

How do we do it?

bullet We keep our overhead low.
bullet Hire the best to join our team.
bullet Listen carefully to our customer's needs and provide solutions.
bullet Our customers are not just customers, but partners in a relationship to meet your shipping needs.

504-836-7080 - Sales & Invoices
504-836-7086 - Sales & Invoices Fax
859-344-5680 - Corporate & Remittance
859-344-0093 - Corporate & Remittance Fax